The shared pleasure of combat and rhythm

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The targeted audience is a group of about 12-15 people, men and women.

These attendees are instructors or advanced practitioners, from different martial arts styles and clubs.

Ideally, one or two candidates are musicians too, if possible percussion rhythms players.

The criteria for participants is to be interested by a new stick game sport and its remarkable benefits. They would also consider the possibility to become a Modern Tahtib Instructor and bring young generation to the Olympics.


The workshop length is three hours with 10’ break.

It could be followed by a group lunch or dinner.

  • Presentation of the participants, (club, discipline, seniority, intention vs the workshop)
  • Summary history of the Egyptian Battle staff,
  • Presentation and review of The Egyptian Battle Staff values, principles and applications all along the course components.
  • Overview of MT benefits and assets thru the practice of,
    • Footwork, body development and stick mastering,
    • Anchoring steps,
    • Basic martial techniques,
    • The circle,
    • Codified preliminaries for Jousting,
    • Free Joust,
    • Combat 360°
    • Tashkilas (form),
    • Session debriefing and identification of Train The Trainers volunteers


Each participant gets his usual sport dress and a his martial art belt if any, otherwise use a scarf

A rattan wood stick for each participant: length 1m30 – 1m40; diameter: for men 29-31 mm, and for women 26-28 mm

DERBOUKA, percussion rhythm instrument


Centered versus the participants’ locations

About 150-200 m² in outdoor or indoor.

For indoor, ceiling height should be above 4m.


In addition to the eventual preliminary stick practice, each participant will consult these videos.

The summary video, and related text, of the Tournament 2017

The presentation done at the Martial Arts International Festival

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